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Antonio Visconti - Cœur de Vanille

Antonio Visconti - Cœur de Vanille

Antonio Visconti - Cœur de Vanille 

Antonio Visconti presents Cœur de Vanille - vanilla heart: a warm and enveloping perfume with an aura of sensuality. Cœur de Vanille combines its fiery, peppery spices with the aroma ancient trees and earthy roots.

Pink pepper, clove, nutmeg and vanilla provide a spicy kick off that meets cedarwood, and lignum vitae in the heart accompanied by herbaceous vetiver. The protagonist, vanilla along with hazelnut and cocoa provide for the rounding, conciliatory and harmonizing cohesion of the composition.

One is pleasantly entranced by scents that recall childhood aromas, full of delicious treats and cakes straight from the oven. Cœur de Vanille is an invitation to taste moments of ancient magic suspended in time

The Flacon
The Antonio Visconti flacon found its inspiration in the perfect shape of the lunar circle, and its growing phase. The concave profile of the bottle subsequently converges at the apex with a convex shape to form its cap. The flacon describes intersections of crescent moon phases that are filled with light in a harmonious synthesis between the concave female and convex male. 

Antonio Visconti
Antonio Martino is the heir of the ancient family Visconti, Florentine master glove makers and perfumers in France at the beginning of 20th century.

Antonio says “According to me, creating a perfume is like a dreaming. Imagine the smell, the taste and the sound it will have …it’s like writing music. Each component has a definite total value; I can compose a celestial melody or a funeral march.”

In 1857 Averardo Visconti, a Florentine master glove maker, opened  his first shop in Fauburg Saint-Honorè (Paris),where he produced the best leathers goods for Second Empire Paris. The Maison Visconti soon became the most desirable and sought after brand by the nobility and clergy of the time. However, it was not until the beginning of the 20th century that the family, having moved to Grasse, began to venture into perfume. Here, in the perfume capital of the world, Antonio Visconti learnt the art and the secret of maceration and enfleurage, techniques still used today to extract the fragrance oils from the delicate blossom of jasmine, rose, tuberose and narcissus, used to create the sublime symphonies of Visconti’s perfumes.

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