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Acqua di Parma - Colonia Oud

Acqua di Parma - Colonia Oud

An exquisite fragrance and a masterful composition. An invitation to travel to its exciting nuances that dazzle the senses..

Naturally our journey begins in Italy, in the citrus groves of the south, where Acqua di Parma, as always, selects the purest essences of bergamot and oranges from Calabria to create their clear and transparent top note. An unmistakable characteristic of Acqua di Parma’s long tradition in creating Colonia and a worldwide symbol of Italian elegance in its purest form.

But the journey takes us further, plowing through the seas, in search of herbs. A stop in southern Russia, to collect the most valued varieties of aromatic coriander that are then blended with the warm accents of amyris wood. It is the prelude to the next stage where new, sensuous landscapes open upon the horizon, while the heart of the fragrance unfolds completely. We arrive in the lands of the Gulf where we meet the vibrant and attractive notes of agarwood essential oil. An intense aroma that, in this region of the world has always been part of the olfactory language, incense rituals and balms and is also regarded as a sign of charismatic masculinity.

From Marrakech to the Emirates, from Lebanon to Saudi Arabia, our journey takes us through the shades of a world of a thousand aromas and constant surprises, as defined by the Roman poet Propertius. The full and sustained character of ancient sandalwood and the leathery smell of cedarwood blend with the woody-bosky notes of patchouly. A wickerwork of notes that at the end meet the clear and seductive presence of musk. A finale that in turn lets the precious note of agarwood shine through. A unique chord, like a journey between two worlds.

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An Expression of Style and Elegance
The Art Deco form of the Colonia Oud flacon underlines the affinity of this fragrance to the world of Colonia by Acqua di Parma. The flacon is made from the purest glass in full and compact tobacco tones which protect the rare essences that make up the perfume from light and simultaneously emphasize its masculine character. A simple bronze label and the generous volume of 100 ml makes Colonia Oud a valuable creation.

These tobacco tones were also chosen for the coffret which has been covered by hand with valuable paper and also displays an impressive interior of bronze-colored silk.

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  1. awful Review by vice

    Great scent, wonderful combination of oud & citruses, so elegant, awesome! But performances are awful, longevity about 2-3 hours, projection great for the first 30 minutes, after that nothing, zero! Sooooo weak... (Posted on 11/4/14)

  2. AWESOME Review by IULIAN

    A great citrus-oud combination, quite unique and versatile for an oud based scent. Everything is well orchestrated from the freshness intially, leading up to a certain warmth and gentlemany demeanour that begins to display midway through. The result is a great captivating fragrance, appropriate to any occassion, anytime of the year, day or night. I've just discovered this fragrance last year in Italy, I love it and for sure I will forever! (Posted on 9/15/14)

  3. Precious Review by Maura

    I would have never imagined Acqua di Parma would bring out a Oud fragrance, but I am glad it did!
    I am seldom amazed by a fragrance. This one just did that.
    It is a beautiful citrus opening followed later by a lovely oud. Amazing sillage and longevity for an eau de cologne. I got more than 10 hours. Two thumbs up for tenacity.
    Well worth the money. (Posted on 9/9/13)

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