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Parfums de Rosine - La Rose de Rosine

Parfums de Rosine - La Rose de Rosine

Parfums de Rosine - La Rose de Rosine

La Rose de Rosine is a fragrance made for the loge of the opera. A very feminine and sensitiv creation for a diva and woman of the world. Red, opulent roses, envelop this fragrance which was originally created in 1991. An intensive, silky scent with a powdery base.

Parfums de Rosine – The Scent of Roses
The boutique, with its murals and subtle decorative objects is tiny, decorated in the colors of fuchsia, black, gold and cream white. "An homage to the couturier Paul Poiret," says the owner and perfume expert Marie-Hélène Rogeon. For 15 years she launched fragrances for large brands, before becoming self-employed with her own fragrance boutique in Paris' Palais Royal. Her goal: "To launch Paul Poiret's forgotten parfums in my own new and personal way."

Poiret grew up as the son of a cloth merchant at the beginning of the century and became the most sought after couturier in Paris. The most famous women of the time such as Sarah Bernhardt and Isadora Duncan were his customers. Poiret liberated women from corsets and was the first to use printed materials in haute couture. He is regarded as the inventor of trousers for women, and he reputedly advised his elegant saleswoman to be the first woman to try a pixie cut. In 1913 he made record sales with his designs in the world of couture. He made a fortune but lost most of it.

Later he tried his hand as a painter and as an actor, even going on stage in a play with Colette that toured throughout France and eventually died impoverished in 1944. His once great name was already as good as forgotten.

But a trace of his work was preserved: in the fragrance collection of Marie-Hélène Rogeon’s family, a perfume clan. Marie-Hélène's grandparents produced fragrances for Paul Poiret. Poiret was the first couturier who launched, alongside accessories and decorative objects, his own perfumes. In 1911 his first perfume, "Rosine," came on the market, named after his daughter Rosine, who died in childhood.

Poiret produced over thirty fragrances and the flacons were created in his own school of design. With the proceeds he wanted to pay tax debts that had been amassed in his heyday. Already in the nineteen-thirties, the Poiret’s perfumes had almost completely disappeared from the market. "His fragrance creations were never known as Parfums de Paul Poiret, but always as Les Parfums de Rosine," says Marie-Hélène Rogeon .

The perfume expert hasn’t launched the old Poiret perfumes anew, but has since developed her own Rosine perfumes. All the while, thinking of the great couturiers, but keeping the modern women of today in mind. Centered around flowers, gardens and the summer. And in each fragrance the scent of a rose is somewhere to be found.

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