Acca Kappa - Muschio Bianco - Body Lotion

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Acca Kappa - Muschio Bianco - Body Lotion

A rich and creamy body lotion with Acca Kappa’s signature White Musk scent. Lemon extracts refresh and strengthen the skin. Provitamin B5 nourishes and protects against dehydration. The body lotion is quickly absorbed and can be used daily for personal hygiene.

Understandably, Muschio Bianco Body Lotion is really something special: lavender and juniper are the main protagonists - the soul of the fragrance deftly supported by the aromas of wood, ambergris and moss.

With its fresh notes and lingering Mediterranean harmonies that mingle beautifully, White Moss seduces women and men alike with an enchanting, sophisticated line of cosmetic products specially formulated to respect even the most sensitive of skin.

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