Atelier Des Ors - Larmes du Désert

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Atelier Des Ors - Larmes du Désert

Atelier Des Ors' Larmes du Désert – tears of the desert – represent memories, believed forgotten but now resurrected by the power of essences. A holy, unquenchable fire burns and the magic of incense draws everything under its spell. A tribute to the amber and incense of the Middle East and a tribute to the birthplace of perfumery.

Gold, myrrh and incense confer a divine ascendance to this beautifully crafted and resounding fragrance. A spiritual nectar blending the sensuality of noble amber and magical myrrh with the mysterious spiciness of incense. Elemi, cypress, as well as patchouly and cedar wood inspire the magic of the moment – when resins and woods are the sacred language of our words and wishes, to commune with the eternal and divine.
© First in Fragrance (sc)

The Flacon
The flacon’s back embossing symbolizes sun, light and radiance. As the flacon captures the light, the golden hue of the fragrance creates a glittering reflection. Gold conveys the noble and eternal side of the brand while the flacon’s shape reflects its addictive, sensual side.

The logo, embossed on the heavy cap like a craftsman’s seal, confirms the artistic and aesthetic dimension of Atelier Des Ors. The logo depicts a sea horse, a hallmark for 24k gold in France.

The Art Deco pattern stands for sophistication and elegance and is a tribute to the golden era of French Haute Parfumerie. The classic yet contemporary packaging expresses the timeless refinement of Atelier Des Ors.

Luxury Perfumes Created by Atelier Des Ors and Marie Salamagne
Atelier Des Ors reinterprets the heritage of French Haute Parfumerie with a modern new line of five alluring and sophisticated fragrances. Atelier Des Ors finds its roots in craftsmanship and the arts of perfumery and gold gilding. Perfume and gold have long fascinated ancient dynasties and contributed to their wealth and power.

Just like gold, perfume – per fumum – was first associated with divinity. By extension, it symbolizes the pursuit of perfection and the quest of absolute – values we stand for and reunite in our fragrances. Atelier Des Ors poetically magnifies each of its creations in a glittering ballet of stardust.
© First in Fragrance (p/sc)

More Information

Atelier Des Ors Logo


Jean-Philippe Clermont – Founder & Art Director


From an early age, Jean-Philippe has been blessed with both a creative mind and an innate business sense.

His meticulous drawings – strip cartoons – were praised by his family. Even if his first venture – selling seashells necklaces to his parent’s friends – didn’t really take off, he knew instinctively – at age 9 – that one day he would set up his own “Maison”!

Jean-Philippe grew up surrounded by his mother’s paintings and creations which encouraged him to develop his own artistic sensibility, which expressed itself in a quest for beauty and the aesthetic.

The family business also played a very important role in his passion for craftsmanship. His grandparents who specialized in the retail of fine table glass and china spent hours explaining to him the manufacturing process, the design, and history behind these exquisite pieces of art. Their knowledge still continues to inspire him today in a flourishing array of creative projects and artistic collaborations.

Jean-Philippe spent his first working years in developing a hand-made cigar business: here he was first enthralled by the evocative power and mystery of blue fumes and the wreaths of scented smoke. That search for the perfect blend and accord of odours led Jean Philippe into the ancient and noble world of perfumery.

Atelier Des Ors was conceived to express a modern vision of refined craftsmanship and art. Today, Jean-Philippe is the head of company development, besides leading the artistic direction.

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