Dusita - Mélodie de l’Amour

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Dusita - Mélodie de l’Amour

My feeling for you
is like a flower
blooming in an empty room.
— Montri Umavijani

A love song with a unique Floral essence - love absolute! Inspired by the feelings of the bliss that true love evokes. An unforgettable, sweet floral harmony, redolent with a unique, pure fragrance of gentle seduction.

The opening is a fresh, pure scent of gardenia, tuberoses, and a blend of 150 varieties of white flowers, enhanced by the rich, golden notes of wild honey. At the heart, a poetic, creamy peach, sweet Italian broom flower and lily of the valley’s green sensuality is balanced by the rich nocturnal refrain of Indian jasmine. The base offers an exquisite accord of pure cedarwood oil and the opulent staying power of musk.

Dusita - In Siamese belief, a paradise of pure delight and contentment. A heavenly realm of sublime inner happiness…

This opulent collection of perfumes is created by Pissara Umavijani. A tribute to the work of her father, internationally acclaimed poet Montri Umavijani. Inspired by his lifetime quest to find the joy and contentment of paradise, Dusita fragrances have been created to evoke realms of happiness.

At Parfums Dusita their passion for fine fragrances begins with a love of traditional French haute perfumery and its style. To this they bring their own intimate familiarity with the fragrant oils, powders and resins of their Siamese heritage. For countless generations, traditional Siamese ceremonies, both religious and cultural, have used jasmine, sage, rose, benzoin, beeswax, bergamot, sandalwood and many more, beautiful and natural scents.

Dusita’s founder and perfumer says, "We aim to create great fragrances that can’t be copied. Perfumes with true recherché value. Traditional French sophistication graced with Siamese elegance”.

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