Hermetica - Jade888

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Hermetica - Jade888

Jade888 Eau de Parfum evokes images of dense foliage and tangled vines, prolific and untamed like the undergrowth of the Amazon. The key notes in this soft and verdant scent are Iris Oil, Ginger Extract CO2 and Lily of the Valley Molecule.

Jade888 is a clean fragrance that is alcohol-free and moisturizing. Its formula offers the perfect alchemy between perfume and skin, with a long-lasting effect.

Hermetica - Clean Alchemy
Hermetica is a collection of clean fragrances inspired by the ancient Florentine practice of alchemy, which sought to transform basic metals into precious materials and to find the ultimate elixir of life. Applying these practices to modern-day perfumery, Hermetica is based on the belief that finding the perfect fragrance relies on the chemical connection between the molecules within a fragrance and one’s skin.

In their quest for the ultimate fragrance elixir, Hermetica’s founders decided to create a revolutionary collection not by choosing between natural ingredients or molecules, but by using a combination of the two. These hybrid formulas were developed using unique patented technology, a worldwide first in the fragrance industry. The alcohol-free formulas immediately reveal the heart of the fragrance and mainly use green chemistry based on renewable ingredients and molecules.
The result of this modern-day alchemy is four collections of long-lasting and moisturising fragrances, plus Source¹ — a unique scent that can be layered with any fragrances to give them a modern and vibrant twist.

Time goes by, Hermetica remains.
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