Jean Patou - Héritage Collection - Deux Amours

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Jean Patou
Fontaine, Thomas
Bergamot, Neroli
Sandalwood, Storax

Jean Patou - Héritage Collection - Deux Amours

Created in 1925 for blond women who appreciated elegance... Experience the moment when your heart begins to beat ... The joy and excitement of a new love… Will we be lovers who, with hands joined, stay together forever? My heart trembles at the thought...

"Deux Amours" has a gorgeous floral bouquet, which opens with sun-kissed bergamot and neroli that dwells in the heart on a floral bed of aromatic rose, jasmine, tuberose and ylang-ylang. A fragrance that evokes images of a majestic forest, where a hint of sandalwood and warm, bold storax fills the air. A rain shower, captured in a perfume.
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1914-2014: Jean Patou, the 100th Anniversary of a Visionary.
Jean Patou Héritage Collection - 1925: A daring game - and an instant success! Three innovative fragrances for three special types of women: blondes, brunettes and redheads.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Jean Patou, perfume lovers from all over the world are invited to experience the olfactory relaunch debut of three Jean Patou classics from 1925. The in-house perfumer at the time, Henri Alméras, created these classic fragrances and thanks to the unique success of the collection, the three fragrances from 1925 became a milestone in the art of perfume.

From 1914 onwards, Jean Patou was regarded as a pioneer within the fashion industry and also proved himself a visionary in the art of perfume: He was the first designer who created perfumes for particular types of women - blonde, brunette and redhead. The modern Jean Patou woman decides through her mood just what type she wants to be, the one, the other or all three! For each of these three fragrances Jean Patou chose a name that would evoke the specific moods of new love...

Full of respect for tradition and with great joy, the Jean Patou in-house perfumer Thomas Fontaine Fontaine has made it possible that we can rediscover these beautiful classics.
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Héritage Collection – a precious secret under the influence of Art Deco
An elegant and admirable combination of reduced colors which are intensified by geometric shapes.

These luxurious glass flacons in the Héritage Collection contain some of the most precious perfumes of all time - the Héritage Collection. The timeless presentation in black perfectly combines with the clarity of glass. A tribute to the first designer label is provided by the translucent, frosted "JP" logo. The wooden lid is presented in black and gold. Elegant and refined.

The Black presentation box is highlighted with gold accents which excites the imagination and begs to reveal the precious secret sealed within. Each luxurious perfume is delicately presented upon a pedestal and upon opening the box a firework of colors is revealed. A miniature book on a gold cord around the neck of the flacon tells the story of the Héritage Collection and the fragrance.
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