Juliette Has a Gun - Romantina

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Juliette Has a Gun - Romantina

„Eine Liebe für einen Tag und eine Nacht...ein kurzer, intensiver und verführerischer Moment ohne Verpflichtungen...“

In Romantina von Juliette Has a Gun trifft Moschus auf den zarten Duft weißer Blüten - eine Ode an die Unbeschwertheit. Doch wenn der Duft plötzlich seine wahre Persönlichkeit offenbart, beginnt eine Liebelei mit Patchouli, der diesem Duft fast den Hauch eines Chypre verleiht, bevor er sich auf die Basis aus kostbarer Vanille bettet. Wie bei einem letzten Kuss, wird die Erinnerung an Romantina bleiben – für immer.

Romantina erzählt die Liebesgeschichte einer jungen Frau, die sich in Rom in einen jungen Mann verliebt, jedoch verlässt sie die Stadt innerhalb von 24 Stunden, und so bleibt die Liebesgeschichte ohne Makel.

„Mit dieser neuen Komposition wollte ich etwas Frivolität in Juliettes Leben bringen. Romantia ist ein modernes Märchen, so erfrischend wie ein Nachmittag auf einer römischen Piazza.

Der erste florale Duft der Juliette Has a Gun-Kollektion erweckt nur den Anschein von Sanftmut. Von einem Hauch Patchouli getragen, ist Romantia wieder einmal ein Roman, in dem Juliette das Sagen hat.“ Romano Ricci

Romantina – written by Ramono Ricci

24 Hours in Rome
The sun is setting over Piazza Navona. We’re drinking a Spritz at the terrace of a café, tucked down an adjacent side street. Suddenly, I get the feeling that someone’s staring at me... I pretend to be absorbed by the words of the man sitting in front of me who, incidentally, happens to be sharing my life. In a few hours, he will be taking a plane back to Paris, and much to my surprise, leaving me alone in Rome for 24 hours. On the corner of the paper tablecloth he busily scribbles a last minute list of trattorias, piazzas, monuments and fountains that I have to visit. He tenderly kisses me on the forehead, grabs his bag, and squeezes into the crowd of colourful polo shirts, before blending in and disappearing completely.I decide to enjoy the last rays of sunshine and finish reading my script, but the stranger’s gaze seems more and more insistent. I briefly turn my head away from the page only to find my eyes plunging into his. They’re green. A deep emerald green lighting up the golden skin of a face framed by long brown curls. What a beauty! He smiles at me. I shyly return the gesture. I’m just about to lower my eyes again when suddenly he’s on his feet. Weaving through the tables that separate us, he stops in front of mine, pointing towards the empty chair. I can’t help but relent. He barely speaks English; my grasp of Italian is vague. In a language that would become our own over the next 24 hours, he offers to show me around town, his town. In that instant I forget everything. The preparation for my film, my partner, my cat, Paris, his name, my name, which I come to think I never gave him. Murmuring my reply… I accept.

He grabs my hand and leads me through a maze of narrow streets lined with ochre-coloured walls. Every shop window we pass seems to be overflowed with a mouth-watering array of vegetables, cheeses and ice-creams, although nothing is comparable to the pleasure of blindly following this handsome stranger.

Breathlessly, we come out into a little piazza, far from the frenzy of Rome. Drawn to the cascade of water gushing from a fountain, I thrust my hands into the cool liquid and refresh myself by rubbing it over the back of my neck. Suddenly his hand is upon mine, moving up my shoulders, stroking my hair. I sense his reassuring presence behind me. I turn back, our lips move towards each other as if after a painful long absence. All that seems to be missing... are the cameras! Cut!

The rest of those 24 hours belong only to us. While I carefully record the recent events, typing feverishly on the keyboard of my Mac, I recall our last kiss, our last glance, my last word: Addio. I wanted to leave the beauty of these magical moments within the walls of Rome, but the memory will remain engraved forever. Was it an affair, a passing fling, love at first sight? I don’t think so. It was my Romantina.

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