Roja Parfums - Risqué - Parfum

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Roja Parfums
Dove, Roja

Roja Parfums - Risqué - Parfum

"When I created this fragrance, I thought about how society dictates how we must think and behave. So I created a perfume that at first appearance seems very disciplined and follows conventions - but when it unfolds, its complete sensual base permeates forth and with every breath becomes warmer, darker and more apparent" Roja Dove.

Dove strolls with Risqué "On the edge of the forbidden”, although the beginning of the fragrance displays first and foremost an innocent ease: Powdery pollen-laden camomile, tingly-tart bergamot and youthful fruity rose along with honeyed flowering ylang-ylang and spring-like hyacinth. Presently however, adult leather notes sneakingly approach, embellished with subtle animalistic notes that rob the fragrance of its innocence.

Risqué shows itself as self-assured, feminine, tempting and sensual and its character is further enhanced by its powerful base: Noble moss, smoky and salty vetiver, powdery earthy patchouly, together with delicate cacao as well as hot and spicy labdanum.

A sensual crime to commit that not only lovers of Oscar Wilde would thoroughly enjoy!
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Parfum & Packaging – The Quintessence of Luxury
To emphasize the luxury and quality of his products, Roja Dove attaches great importance to the quality and sophistication of the packaging of his precious Roja Parfums. Roja chooses each element of the packaging personally and thereby combines infinite simplicity with infinite preciousness - to create exactly what luxury should be: true Workmanship.

To create the hand-finished flacons requires considerable skill: Each flacon is as unique as the fragrance contained within. It is made in France and the decoration of pure gold is applied in a lengthy process by hand in England. For the preparation of the closure - the leitmotif of the Roja Parfums brand, gold particles are forged in metal to create a highly reflective surface on which the brand name is printed. The closure is complemented with fourteen Swarovski crystals which are applied by hand in a five-day process. The front of each flacon is adorned with a gold label that is made in England and applied by hand. Each of these precious flacons is embedded in an equally elegant presentation box which is made by hand in England by award-winning craft artists using pro high-quality paper, some of which are made exclusively for Roja Parfums.

The contrast between the matte texture of the precious paper and the gold embossing is a perfect prelude to the violet-colored, hand-pleated silk that lines the interior. "Everything about my brand must be special, something that you will not find anywhere else. That is actually what luxury is about. "Roja Dove.

We are extremely pleased that, as one of the few hand-selected perfumeries worldwide, we can now present this exclusive collection to you, our customers!
© First in Fragrance (sc)

More Information

Roja Dove Logo

Anyone who has ever shopped in London's luxury department store Harrods will perhaps have taken the opportunity to treat themselves to a one of a kind experience. On the top floor of Harrods one of the top perfumeries in the world can be found, namely the Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie. Set amongst black lacquer furnishings, heavy mirrors, sumptuous silk and crystal glass, framed in wallpapers that were originally created for the Orient Express, you can immerse yourself in this sensory heaven. A perfect environment for a select collection of the most beautiful perfumes in the world. And the person who chooses them is none other than Roja Dove, Master Perfumer, with a considerable reputation.


Originally Roja Dove studied medical research at Cambridge and during that time he visited f the Belle Époque Boutique from Guerlain in Paris for the first time and was instantly captivated. He was already enthusiastic about fragrances but after his visit to Paris it became his passion. He bombarded Guerlain with requests to be able to train there, to complete an apprenticeship, and due to his passion and perseverance managed to convince Robert Guerlain who then offered him a position. Over two decades Dove stayed with Guerlain and became the first representative of this famous traditional house that did not belong to the Guerlain family.


After Roja Dove left Guerlain, he continued to follow his passion for fragrances, deepened his knowledge on trips and by working with many of the top names of the industry and is now considered worldwide as the perfume connoisseur.


As a world-renowned expert, philanthropist and innovator Roja Dove transforms sensory experiences: Aston Martin, the Victoria & Albert Museum and Laurent-Perrier are just some of the prestigious institutions that have cooperated with Roja Dove because of his individual style, his personal touch and fascinating creativity. Roja Dove is probably the most perfect and most provocative authority on the subject of scents - when he speaks, you listen intently.


His most recent appointment as Creative Ambassador to the “Britain is GREAT” campaign by the British government is a special tribute to his rank as one of the world's most prestigious perfumers. Together with British icons such as Sir Paul Smith, Sir Richard Branson, Vivienne Westwood, Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss, Roja Dove now also represents his homeland worldwide on behalf of this campaign.
© First in Fragrance (sc)

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